Polar Fine Arts: Neelon Crawford

Neelon Crawford Cathedral Berg atNight

Neelon Crawford: Cathedral Berg At Night, 30" x 40", 1994

NeelonCrawford (1946- ) has produced a series of diverse bodies of work since his graduation from the Antioch College art department in1969. As a son of Ralston Crawford, Neelon Crawford was exposed to the combination of travel and picture-making from childhood. His work has taken him to all 7 continents. His large format photography, photogravure etchings, and oil paintings include portfolios titled: Icons of Spirit, Vintage Machines, Reconnaissance, Antarctica, Tools of Vision, and Wyoming. His work has been acquired by major institutions, corporations and collectors. In addition, since the death of his father Ralston Crawford in1978, Neelon Crawford has been involved with managing the affairs of the Ralston Crawford Estate. He currently lives in Wyoming with his wife Susan Hill.

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